Our Story

Our Mission
Simply Ma’aM™ is a specialty brand rooted in a desire to transcend fashion. To build confidence and provide a vehicle for expression that is meaningful and true to the individual style of “BohoAfriq” (African and Bohemian Way of Life).

Our Offer

Simply Ma’aM™ offers an approachable elegance for women who live free through fashion, music, and art. An individual style to accentuate your day-to-day look. Stop and stare design embracing “Afro-bohemian Style” (Bohemian with a splash of Afrocentric) utilizing vibrant African prints infused with bold patterns for the fashionable and trendy you. The brand offers a wide range of products from apparel, to accessories (shoes, jewelry, and handbags), home designs, and original paintings – all reflecting a high level of quality, invoking attributes of femininity, spirit, heritage, and creativity in its design, while creating the perfect individual style.


Our Culture

Simply Ma’aM™ fans around the world can connect through social media platforms. A platform to create profiles, heart products, pictures, and collections, and share personal style right here at simplymaam.com. When browsing the site, use WEAR IT. SHARE IT link. It’s an excellent way for customers to get styling inspiration and see how every item from maxi dresses, All-in-One Jumpsuits, to blazers, sexy crop tops to wide-leg pants look on all types of women. Simply Ma’aM™ makes online shopping, and style-sharing, easier than ever.

Our Goal

The goal of Simply Ma’aM™ is to build trust with consumers, creating a lifetime of avid fans everywhere. Simply Ma’aM™ aims to produce a comfortable and romantic combination of vintage and modern styles, from flowy tops to one if a kind handbags but multifunctional, chunky accessories with a meaningful story behind each design. Using bold fabrics with beautiful patterns of floral, geometric, tribal designs to create vintage styles.